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We construct Internet of Thing solutions that help you digitally transform your company. How? By installing a collaborative network between sensors, drones, rovers, plus your own systems. We can help you to monitor and analyze the data of your facilities, machines and assets.

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Big Data

Centralized Data

You will have access to all the collected data by our network through our sensors, drones, and rovers.

Real-time Data

Remote Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your facilities, where you will be notified of unusual behavior.


Encrypted Data

In order to protect your data, we have a encrypted point to point.


Easy Integration

Versatile integration with
an even more easy installation.


Cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) system, that shows and processes recollected data from different sensors that are connected to your products, machines, and facilities. With this integration, you can monitor and analyze in real-time the current behavior and predict possible downtime in the future of your facility and machinery.

How does it work Octopull?
sensor IoT


The first step to having real-time monitoring in your facility is to digitalize your assets, with Octopull we illuminate your facility with our own wireless network of sensors, to create patterns and predict when you could suffer downtime in your company, avoid stock shortage, or simply monitor critical variables. Each sensor connected to a node that is secured with peer to peer encryption



Personalize your profile on our Octopull platform creating a relationship between different sensors, drones, and rovers with your own systems and facility. With Octopull all the data will be collected and you will be able to integrate different platforms to access the information.

Integration platform


Visualize your data through an internal or external platform with different tools like Klipfolio or Power BI, among others. With online information such as historical data, you can make accurate decisions to increase efficiency in your facilities.

Klipfolio Power B.I

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Solutions that are available on Octopull

Industrial Vibration Monitoring

IVM - Industrial Vibration Monitoring

Real-time vibration monitoring of machines and industrial equipment.

Liquid Level Monitoring

LLM - Liquid Level Monitoring

Real-time liquid level monitoring and liquid behavior.

Electrical Substation Monitoring

ESM - Electrical Substation Monitoring

Remote monitoring of several variables of electrical substations.

Atmospheric Traceabilit

Atmospheric Traceability

Remote monitoring of several variables from different facilities.

Security Automation

Security Automation

Automated surveillance rounds with an unmanned vehicle (rover).



Manage and plan all the flights, having full traceability of each flight.


Octo Security

Security System for confined spaces using iot sensors and computer vision

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