Below are the solutions that we have developed. All have been functionally verified by our clients, and are easily applicable for your company


Liquid Level

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Monitoring the
state of goods

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Task managing flights of drones

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Sistema de

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Security surveillance rounds with a rover

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Electrical Substation Monitoring

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Monitoring Vibration on Machinery and structures

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Plataforma Octopull

Liquid Level Monotoring

Real-time liquid level monitoring and liquid behavior.

  • ✓ Real-time data visualization
  • ✓ Detects anomalies and unusual behavior.
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Platform Octopull

Electrical Substation Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of electrical substations, though several different types of nodes and sensors that all connect directly to our platform Octopull, in order to assure correct performance of every substation that a usually remotely located.

  • ✓ Enhances life expectancy of substation
  • ✓ Fast response to malfunctions
  • ✓ Prevents and predicts behaviors
Octopull Platform

Industrial Vibration Monitoring System

Vibration Monitoring helps control different key points in a facility that suffers or depends on vibrations, all data is shown on our platform Octopull.

  • ✓ Detects breackdowns
  • ✓ Fast response
  • ✓ Failure reduction
Octopull Platform

Atmospheric Traceability

Monitor the atmospheric conditions that your product is exposed to, with our traceability you can pinpoint a location or date when your product was exposed to harmful conditions.

  • ✓ Monitor in real-time atmospheric conditions that can affect a product or process
  • ✓ Precise traceability
  • ✓ Prevent and predict behavior
Autonomous Robot

Security Automation

Automated Surveillance robot programmed to do internal inspections rounds.

  • ✓ Recognizes objects and people in facilities
  • ✓ Two way comunication
  • ✓ Captures images


Web solution integrated to Octopull that manages, plans and centralizes all the data of drones flights for a company.

  • ✓ Obtain centralized information of diferent brands of drones
  • ✓ Authorize your flights with goverment approval.
  • ✓ Manage your pilots, locations, and drones
Sistema de seguridad Octopull

IoT Security System

IoT Monitoring & Computer Vision to protect your facilities from damages, thefts and entry of unauthorized personnel

  • ✓ Access Control of restricted areas
  • ✓ Unique and Smart IoT system
  • ✓ Avoid Thefts
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